How Long Does Swelling from Restylane Last?

It is common to experience some degree of swelling after receiving a Restylane injection. This is usually mild in severity and typically resolves within 24 hours, although it can last up to 3 to 5 days. In some cases, swelling may persist for up to 1 to 4 weeks. However, this is not as common.

The degree of swelling will depend on several factors, such as the specific filler used, the volume of filler injected, and the treatment area. Lip fillers are more likely to cause some level of swelling due to the delicate nature of lip tissue. It is important to note that the injection process causes minor trauma to the area, which can lead to swelling and bruising. Most people notice an improvement in 3 days, but it is important to report any concerns, such as swelling and redness, to the person who performed the filler injection.To minimize side effects after injections, it is recommended that patients use cold compresses or ice packs on the affected area for 10 minutes at a time.

It is also important to avoid strenuous activities and direct sunlight for at least 24 hours after treatment. Additionally, patients should avoid alcohol and caffeine for 24 hours after treatment.Using the Wrinkle Severity Rating Scale (WSRS), researchers reported that 79% of subjects with Restylane Refyne and 77% of subjects with Restylane Defyne had at least 1 degree improvement in WSRS after 6 weeks. Subjects also performed self-assessments (SSA) for wrinkle severity, and most reported an improvement of at least 1 degree in SSA scores with Restylane Refyne and with Restylane Defyne after 6 weeks.By choosing an accredited clinic and following the recommended aftercare instructions, patients can help ensure the smoothest possible experience with minimal side effects.

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