Is Restylane Worth It? A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to dermal fillers, Restylane is one of the most popular options. But is it worth it? In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the benefits of Restylane, how long it lasts, and what you can expect from the treatment. When considering the cost of dermal fillers and Restylane in particular, it's essential to consider the benefits. Restylane is an excellent choice if you want a dermal filler with a shorter recovery time.

Dermal fillers in general tend to have shorter recovery times, especially compared to surgical solutions. When you receive Restylane injections, you can return to your daily activities as soon as you have given the injections. There is no need to wait or waste time recovering. You could even get the treatment you want on your meal break, and you can still return to work right after.

You might want to take a day off, but it's not necessary if you don't want to.In a clinical study of subjects treated with Restylane, blinded evaluators reported that they continued to see improvement in 95% of subjects 18 months after the initial injection. On average, Restylane lasts around six months, but some people may find that it lasts longer or shorter. You can consider other types of dermal fillers if you're considering Restylane as one of your options.Restylane is a clear gel formulation of hyaluronic acid that is specifically formulated to act as the body's own naturally produced hyaluronic acid, helping to visibly correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, including lines that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds). Restylane products also offer a variety of treatments that are specially designed for certain purposes.If you want to have Restylane dermal fillers on your cheeks, you'll find that the cost is likely to be different compared to having the same treatment on your lips.

Treatment with Restylane lasts several months, so most people undergo repeat treatments to keep the look they want.Restylane, Restylane-L and Restylane Silk are the only products approved by the FDA to improve lips in patients 21 and older. The combination of Restylane with lidocaine in Restylane-L helps reduce discomfort during and after treatment.If you're considering getting dermal fillers with Restylane, contact ProMD Health for a consultation and find out how it can help give you a natural, youthful look.

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