How many syringes of restylane do i need for lips?

Usually, only 1 syringe is used to augment the lips, regardless of the type of filler you use. Occasionally, we will accumulate up to 2 or even 3 syringes in the lips for a patient, but this is usually an older patient who has lost some of the definition and structure of the lips, as well as volume. If you're looking for a major improvement in your appearance, you'll need more refill syringes. Now that you know how many syringes I need to help achieve a rejuvenated look, you want to know how much each syringe costs.

Most patients don't know how much product is in a dermal filler syringe or how much their “lip idols” have received to achieve their lips. It's important to remember how much filler is actually in a syringe when thinking about how much you'll need to treat areas of concern, so that you're not disappointed with the outcome of your treatment. If you feel that your lips are too small after several days and that there is little or no swelling in your lips, you may want to get an additional syringe of dermal filler. For example, someone in their 30s who wants to restore their cheeks to youthful fat in their 20s may only need a 1 cc syringe, while someone in their 50s looking for a similar result would need 3 to 1 cc syringes.

To find out the actual number of syringes you will need, you need a consultation with a cosmetic injection specialist. Needless to say, this is not an appearance that most people would like to have, however, overfilling to this extent is almost always done at the patient's request due to the high cost of needing several syringes to achieve this, as well as the fact that many doctors would not even agree on the amount of the treatment. Therefore, based on this fact, most patients will need 1 refill syringe per decade of age to restore their once young and plump appearance. It would be best to discuss these goals with a medical professional to get a realistic idea of how many refill syringes you will need.

Many patients who want to significantly improve the size of their lips with lip filler choose to receive approximately 1 syringe at each visit, gradually improving the size of their lips over a few months. This is the perfect example of what to expect when you make more than one filling syringe on your lips. To help fill your lips and give them a more youthful and feminine appearance, you'll probably need a syringe in total. Two dermal-filled syringes will make customers noticeably softer and thicker and, for some customers, a true volume change.

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